We are a “Fin-Tech” company that believes in a new way to do business: mixing innovative and quantitative strategies with an easier and tailor made way to distribute them, thanks to our notes issuance platform. Moreover we can provide smarter and cheaper MPNs without counterparty credit risk as well as access to the structured products world.

Apply innovation and technology to the world of investments. Our clients can access to a broad range of services and products in an easy, flexible, smart and cheap way. That’s our goal: making the world of structured products more flexible and accessible.

  1. Clients come first
  2. Our people are our best asset
  3. Accessibility, Flexibility & Technology



We sell our strategies using notes and not shares of funds, this allows you to have a much broader range of underlyings in a product that is completely customised to your requirements.


We develop quantitative investment strategies in order to capture returns on markets and we create thematical indexes to offer exposure to specific sectors or topics.


Our quantitative team applies expert knowledge in building and managing structured products and investment strategies.

Team Members